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Lose money; Gain good times

The schools in our local area are off this week; half term holiday. That means my wife, being a school worker, is also off work. So we can spend some extra time together. I’ve kept some time aside to spend with her during the day. We’ve had a couple of days not planning anything and yesterday having no clients booked, we found ourselves in Oxford at the Natural History Museum with our daughter and her son. After which the four of us went on to eat out, apparently it was my pleasure to pay. It’s nice to have the time to have days like this and a nice reminder of what I wrote about in my last post with regards to positive thinking. You see many people, business people especially, would have seen the last two days in terms of lost earnings, asking why no clients that day and the added expenses of going out, mostly meals and travel. Myself, I look on the positive side, yes while we were out I was not making money, yes it’s not nice to have a day when nobody books for hypnotherapy with me and yes going out incurred extra expenses. Personally I look at it as extra good quality time with some of the important people in my life. I know I’m fortunate to be able to afford and have days like this but that in itself is another part of thinking positive in so far as not worrying about the money I’m not making and appreciating and enjoying what I have. As well as appreciating the family and friends around me. If I was in the type of work that could see me make £1000 a day with the wrong attitude I would end up worrying about not making £1001. Likewise making £2000 and worrying about not making £2001. It doesn’t matter how much most of us earn, we want more its human nature really. My attitude is as long as I can pay my bills, it’s all good. If you can pay your bills, you have enough money. If you have extra, it’s all golden. I’ll finish by answering two questions you may be asking. No I don’t earn anything near £1000 a day, but it would be nice and yes, if you have children I recommend a trip to the Natural History Museum in Oxford. Not as big as its name sake in London but no long ques to get in and some good activities for the children to do. Check out their website here.

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