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Now it has been a while since my last blog and I’m making no excuses. I’ve been ill for some of that time but for most of it I just prioritised other things over it. It looks increasingly like the regular Monday and Thursday blogs may have to be a bit more flexible. That’s to say if I can’t write on a Monday then Tuesday will be almost, if not, as good a day to write. Some days it is tempting not to bother due to a lack of subject matter but to be honest this hasn’t been the problem. The Premier Football League has provided topics in the past and in recent weeks it could have done so again on more than one occasion.

So, one of the things I’ve been thinking about is group sessions. I have decided to put together a six week programme for weight loss. It will be designed for group sessions to keep down costs. While I won’t be able to personalise the sessions they will set people on the right path, maybe even through in a free CD for home listening for reinforcement. Still work to do on this but I hope to be ready in time for January.

I’m also looking at group session for smoking cessation again possibly with a reinforcement CD. Again it can’t be personalised but should still bring success for the individual. For both the smoking cessation and weight loss group sessions I would limit the numbers, probably to around ten people, maybe a little more but definitely no more than twenty.

The other thing I’m interested in doing is a bit of public speaking on the subject of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. So if you’re a member of a group or society who would be interested in learning more about hypnosis and its use in therapy, give me a call on 07514672326, I’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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