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Natural Breast Enlargement

The breast augmentation industry is already big business and growing every year. If you can convince your doctor that the size of your breasts are causing you psychological problems you may be able to get surgery on the NHS, but for most women it’s the private option. With the cost of breast enlargement running between £3500 and £7000 it’s no wonder that the private clinics providing this service are actually offering finance. The trouble is that these prices will probably not cover the entire cost of obtaining your desired body. Add to that the cost of any consultations and the fact that follow-up care may not be included and you are already running up quite a bill. This fee doesn’t even cover you if there are any problems with the implants and they need to come out. Usually you will be expected to pay for this extra surgery on top. Add the cost time off work, it’ll either cost you two weeks earnings or two weeks holiday because you need that time off work after the surgery. No driving for at least a week and for at least a month heavy lifting or strenuous exercise is a definite no. But you will need that sports bra, you’ll wear that 24 hours a day for at least three months. I’m not going to dwell on the possible side effects, but do feel two of them are worth a mention. Nipples may become more or less sensitive than before. Secondly, you may not be able to breast feed in the future or you may produce less milk. Both these side effects are possible but not inevitable but mammograms will not be as accurate following the surgery. Still once it’s all done and over you’ll have the body you dreamed of, for the time being anyway. You may need to have this surgery again in around 10 years’ time. There may be problems with the implants, they’re not designed for a life time, or it may be your breasts have changed as you aged. Either way it means you have to go through the whole process and expense again and risk the side effects again. Have it done when you’re in your twenty’s you’ll have to go through this more than twice.

There is of course always an alternative. You may not believe it, but that alternative is hypnotherapy. Using hypnosis a hypnotherapist can stimulate blood flow to the breasts and even encourage the body to release growth hormones again causing breast growth. All this without the side effects, pain or massive medical bill. Not only that but once it’s done there is no reason to ever go through the process again. There are no side effects to worry about. Even subsequent mammograms will be just as reliable as if the breasts where unaltered. It is breast augmentation the natural way. All this at a fraction of the price of surgery. Don’t take my word for it read this article from the Mail Online. Call 07514 672326 today for more information.

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