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Can I only book appointments during office hours?

I realise it can be difficult for most people to make time during their busy Monday to Friday 9-5 schedule so it may be possible to arrange an out of hours appointment at no extra cost.


What are the first steps?

If you choose to use Hypnotic Resolutions simply book an initial appointment where we will discuss your issue, if you are suitable for hypnotherapy and if you are suitable, how many sessions to expect. I can also use the information you tell me during this time to help prepare for you sessions. I will tailor your sessions to you personally. This may sound like unnecessary effort but as each session will be tailored to you specifically, each session will be more effective and bring about change more efficiently.   


Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes anyone can be hypnotised. All you need to have is the ability to concentrate and follow instruction and you can be hypnotised. It is a myth that only weak willed people are susceptible to hypnosis. In fact the stronger the will power and determined a client the more likely they are to achieve success.


Is hypnotherapy suitable for everyone?

No, while the vast majority of people can have hypnotherapy without problems but certain conditions such as psychosis means you would be unsuitable for hypnotherapy. Please contact me for further details.


Will I know what’s happening while I’m hypnotised?

Yes, you will be aware of everything, this is why many people don’t feel as if they’ve been hypnotised until they see the results.


Is hypnosis dangerous?

No, hypnosis is a perfectly natural state likened by some to day dreaming. In fact we naturally enter a similar state of mind several times a day.


Will I remember unpleasant things from my past I’d forgotten?

Sometimes regression is used to find the source of a problem the client wants to rid themselves of. In these cases the experience remembered may be unpleasant but rest assured the reason this technique is used is to cancel out the negative effects this experience had on you.


Will I be made to act silly like the do on TV?

No of course not. Such antics will not help you make the change you desire. So all suggestions made to you will be purely to help you make the change you desire.


Will I reveal any personal secrets whilst in hypnosis?

You don’t have to answer any question you don’t want to. Added to that, I will only ask questions that are relavent to your issue and I abide by a strict code of ethics, so complete confidentiality and discretion are assured.


Can hypnosis help with a physical or medical problem?

In some cases yes but, with medical conditions or pain management a referral from your doctor will be required. Without a doctors referral I would seek your permission to contact your GP to inform him that you are seeking my help. I wouldn’t want to help you ignore a worsening medical condition that really requires treatment from a physician so, your doctors approval must be sought before the first hypnotherapy session.


Will I remember what happened?

Some people remember more than others. Some remember everything while others feel they don’t remember much. What is important is that during the session you can relax to a sufficient level for hypnosis.


How does it feel to be hypnotised?

It varies from person to person. Some people feel as though they’re sinking into the chair while others feel very light sometimes as if they’re floating. The one thing everyone seems to agree on is how relaxed they feel.


Can I get stuck in a hypnotic trance?

No, sometimes a client will be enjoying the relaxation so much they don’t want to emerge from trance but they will emerge. The worse that can happen is you will fall asleep and wake up when you’re ready. In fact the whole experience is like lying in bed half asleep, you could force yourself out of bed if you wanted, you just don’t want too.


If you have a question not listed above then by all means don’t hesitate to call on 07514 672326 or email

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