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A good example of negative and positive attitudes

Once again I’m going to write about football. This sport just seems to throw things I can write about that relate well to hypnosis, especially the self –fulfilling prophecy. This particular game was between Liverpool and Leicester City at Leicester. The difference between these two sides is not just how much more the Liverpool side cost to put together compared to Leicester City but there attitudes. Liverpool seem to lack confidence all round, almost as if they expect every game to be difficult to win. Despite being involved in a relegation battle last season, Leicester are flying high this season. Currently three points clear at the top of the Premier League. Leicester seem to have the attitude of nobody can stop us. They seem to go into every game believing they can win. Even individual players seem to believe in themselves as individuals as well as a team. This season, star striker, Jamie Vardy, has not only broken a record for the number of consecutive games he has scored in, but after yesterday’s game, he has scored more than three times as many goals as he did during the whole of last season. This is no one man team though. All the team seem confident in their own abilities, making runs, making passes and scoring goals. On the other hand Liverpool’s players seem to be lacking the desire and confidence to score. The same issues appear to be evident with the first choice goal keepers. Casper Schmeichel, confident, commands his area and always communicating with his defence. His Liverpool counterpart, Simon Mignolet appears unhappy and lacking confidence when faced with high balls into his goal area and doesn’t seem to be in charge of his goal mouth area.

These two teams are good examples of one negative and one positive self-fulfilling prophecies. Individuals can change their own outlook quite easily. As mad as it sounds, just changing the way we think can bring improvements. Think about the wording we use. “I think we have a good chance of winning”, is not as effective as “we can win this”. When a cross comes in Simon Mignolet shouldn’t think “I think I can get this” or “this should by mine” he should only be thinking “this is mine” and not hesitate in his actions. The possibility he may not get the cross will always exist but he shouldn’t worry about that until it happens. Changing the way you think in small ways can have huge effects so think about the wording of what you say and how you think. Can you put a more positive spin on it? If you can re-think it in your mind or say it again. You’ll be surprised how quickly you start to get it right first time.

I’m sure Liverpool will turn it around but will Leicester continue in their present form? They are currently top of the table but can they stay there? On the 6th June 1944 the 9th battalion dropped a company of men into France to take the Merville Battery. Glider troops were meant to join them with supplies of explosives and ammunition before the assault on the target. Due to various problems they failed to show and so they attacked anyway, understrength and under equipped. They succeeded in their objective with only 75 men still fit enough to fight. When a high ranking officer asked how they managed it he was simply told “nobody told them they couldn’t do it, so they did it”. So if there’s any chance the Leicester City team may hear you then don’t say they can’t win the Premiership. While their self-confidence and belief remain this high they may just do it. No reason they can’t.

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