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Think your E-cigarette is safe? Think again.

The use of E-cigarettes in the UK is still growing. Despite some being unhappy about the number of liquids used that aren’t tested by any authority in this country. They are deemed to be the safe option when compared to cigarettes. But are they really safe? Apparently not. Recent research, which those who use E-cigarettes may find a little distasteful, highlights the number of chemicals inhaled from an E-cigarette. Researchers tested two different types of E-cigarettes and three different types of liquids. What they found was that 31 different chemical compounds, known to be harmful, were present in the vapour from these E-cigarettes. These included nicotine, nicotyrine, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, glycidol, acrolein, acetol, and diacetyl. The levels of the chemicals increased as the device got hotter. Rising to significant levels. While previous studies have shown these devices emit chemicals such as formaldehyde, a carcinogen found in cigarette smoke, two new chemicals not found in E-cigarette smoke on previous studies were found on this one, acrolein and glycidol. Glycidol is a probable carcinogen and acrolein is known to be an irritant. The levels of chemicals not only depended on the temperature of the E-cigarette but whether it uses a single or double coil heating element.

Even with this new research it is obvious that the medical profession would prefer you to use an E-cigarette than smoke a real cigarette. The reason being that while these chemicals are present, they are lower in quantity. As they are lower in quantity they are safer to use. Note I say safer not safe. As already mentioned they emit carcinogens which are inhaled. It is known that a gene will mutate for every 15 cigarettes smoked, I wonder what the equivalent figure is for E-cigarette use. Research along those lines would give a better indication of just how safe or dangerous they are.

It is still true that the best way to prevent inhaling these chemicals is to give up smoking altogether, not switch to E-cigarettes. And one of the best ways to give up smoking is hypnosis. You can give up in as little as two hours. Walk in a smoker and just two hours later, walk out a non-smoker. No chemicals involved. If you use an E-cigarette then you are probably in the process of trying to stop smoking. If that’s the case, think of this. While your E-cigarette is considered safer than Tabaco cigarettes you are still inhaling carcinogens. Nobody has ever caught cancer from hypnosis. Why not call me on 07514 672326 and stop smoking, fast.

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