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Amateurs can still be at the top of their game

Recently we’ve had the Rio Olympics, the start of the 2016-2017 football season and now the Rio Para-Olympics. Looking at sport coverage on TV it would seem that no matter what the sport, it gets media coverage. Not so of course. Not even at the highest levels for some sports. This weekend for instance saw the southern and Northern division 2 finals of the British American Football Association. I'd like to say well done to Oxfordshire’s very own Oxford Saints won the Division 2 South final and secured promotion to Division 1, but you’ll probably not hear anything about it, even in the local press. To the player of such sports, their sport is just as important to them as the top class professional’s sport is to them. It’s all about enjoyment and attitude. Many amateur sports men and women train hard and will play through injury. Many would train as long and as hard as a professional, but need to work full time to live and so don’t train as much as they’d like.

Like the professional, the amateur sports person can improve their overall performance by improving their performance in specific areas of their game. The amateur rarely has the training time to perfect their game. A good way to do this is to use hypnotherapy. Using hypnotherapy I can help you make those improvements. It can’t give you talent you don’t have but making many small improvements, each one seemingly insignificant, can make a big difference to your overall performance. No matter what level of sport you play, or what your sporting ambitions are, you will always want to improve. Add to that, bad technique can sometimes cause injury and stop you enjoying your sport more the better you get at it. So why not give me a call on 07514672326 and improve your game.

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