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In the last couple of years or so, around this time of year the government has run a stop smoking campaign. They called it Stoptober and the idea was to encourage smokers to give up in October. Nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to wait until January to make changes to your life. New Year’s resolutions are all very well and good but, New Year is three months away, why wait? I haven’t seen any Stoptober publicity yet this year but anticipate it will start soon. To mark this annual event I have decided to offer, at reduced rates to the individual, group smoking cessation sessions.

Due to legislation you can no longer smoke in the work place. So employers have to provide an open air but covered smoking area or ban it on site altogether. The effect on employers has negative connotations. School employees are seen by school children. Commercial companies of course lose man hours as workers sneak off for a crafty cigarette. During these unofficial cigarette breaks they can often be seen by the general public and potential customers, smoking areas can require regular cleaning or tend to look messy. All this can give a bad impression of the company and cause it to lose business. We all know smoking effects your health and so it is not such a big leap to equate smokers with increased absence.

So if you have employees who smoke and you would like to offer them the chance to stop, now is your chance. Most smokers want to stop and have already failed so may wish to take you up on your offer to try a method they hadn’t thought of. If this is the case, give me a call. I am willing to work with groups up to ten strong. All I require from you is a suitable room and your employees for up to two hours. You get a happier work force, possibly increased productivity and better company image. What have you got to lose? Your employees get save money, stop smoking then save more money by not buying cigarettes. Not only that but they may even look at you personally in a different light. I mean, what a caring boss, right! If you’re interested in giving your employees this chance to stop smoking at a reduced cost, call me on 07514672326

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