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Are England's players scared?

So yesterday saw England’s first football match will Sam Allardyce in charge and it wasn’t great. The football fans amongst you will know they won with a goal in the 95th minute. On the upside, they got that goal because they fought to the final whistle. England teams of the past may have given up and settled for the draw. It was the after match analysis that threw up the reason for me writing about it. One of the pundits on Radio 5 commented on how well all the English players are playing for their clubs at the moment but failing to hit the same high levels for England. In his opinion they seem scared. The big question would be, scared of what? He couldn’t answer any more than I can but he did say big Sam could get a psychologist in to work with each player individually to find out and put it right.

Guess what, a hypnotherapist can do just that and it’ll probably be quicker. You can’t just ask the player what he’s scared of, he probably hasn’t realised he is scared, but his subconscious knows why he’s not hitting the same high levels. Hypnotherapists talk to the subconscious so we can ask. With this information the hypnotherapist can make suggestions to put things right.

We hypnotherapists can help you overcome a fear or even a performance issue quickly and easily. Doesn’t matter what it is, if you feel you could do it better we can probably help improve.

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