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Why "overweight" people should stop hiding.

A fellow hypnotherapist posted in a Facebook group, of which I’m a member, a query about how to handle being accused of “fat shaming” because she used the word fat. My opinion on this is, for me overweight is a word used by people who are either afraid to upset or don't want to sound harsh. It doesn't have quite as negative or honest feel to it as fat so they feel better about themselves using overweight. I feel we should all be totally honest with our clients no matter what the issue. I would like to add to that, if overweight is acceptable to the client but fat isn't, then they are probably not committed to losing weight as they're happy being just overweight, likewise, the term obese. I feel fat and overweight are just labels. We use labels like these a lot and sometimes we use them for good but sometimes we hide behind them. To those who say “don’t call me fat I don’t like it. I prefer overweight” I hear “don’t call me fat I don’t like being fat, use overweight so I can pretend it’s not so bad”. Don’t be that person, be honest with yourself. Fat is unhealthy, you will probably die earlier than you should and suffer more medical problems while you are alive. Guess what, overweight and obese also mean you are unhealthy, you will probably die earlier than you should and suffer more medical problems while you are alive. So if you are overweight or are classed as obese stop hiding behind these labels and admit to yourself you’re fat. Only then will you own your problem and only then can you fix your problem. Only when you a realistic about your weight will you genuinely want to change it.

So if you’re overweight my advice is. Admit your fat. Find a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist can help you find out why you over eat and under exercise and change those things. Once you are eating what you need and not eating extra to distract from other issues and taking regular exercise you will see you weight start to drop. I’m not claiming instant overnight size 16 to size 8 but, I am saying you’ll be traveling down the right road and will see a difference in no time. You’ll soon be able to throw the fat label in the bin with the overweight label and stand proudly by the slim label. It may take time but you can do it. Yes hypnotherapists may use the fat word but they’re not trying to fat shame. To them it’s not an insult, it’s just a word and they’re being realistic with you. They won’t judge you but they will help you rid yourself of the “fat” label you don’t want.

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