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Olympians and hypnosis

As I write we are on day six of the 2016 Olympic Games. Medals have been won, hopes dashed and no doubt someone has wandered why they bothered in the first place. Of course not all the competitors will have competed in an Olympics before and for some they won’t compete in another. There will be a few for whom this will be the only Olympic Games they make it to as a competitor but, they all have one thing in common. Dedication and commitment to their chosen sport and a belief they can achieve greatness in that sport. Many of these competitors will, probably without knowing it, will use some form of self-hypnosis. They have their rituals, which they follow before every event they take part in, to get themselves “in the zone”. This is true of all sports, not just those in the Olympics. Watch a rugby player before he takes a conversion. You will notice they follow the same set out procedure every time. The subconscious knows the likelihood of success is increased with the ritual being carried out, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most won’t have learnt these rituals through hypnosis but developed them over time. The crucial thing is that they are now embedded in their subconscious and work in the same way. Hypnosis can be used directly to enhance sport performance. The golfer for instance who never hits a good tee shot on the 18th because he feels everyone in the clubhouse is watching and judging, but always plays a great tee shot on the holes that can’t be seen from the clubhouse. That golfer can, amongst other thing be given a post hypnotic suggestion to play that 18th holes as if it were out of sight of the clubhouse. The floor gymnasts have to perform on the beam while other gymnasts are reforming in other gymnastic disciplines’. The crowds cheering for the other disciplines can be very off putting for the gymnast on the beam so they have to try and block that noise out. That’s easier said than done using pure focus but again hypnosis can help. Again a post-hypnotic suggestion not to hear the crowd when on the beam and concentration would be a lot easier to maintain and so increased chances of success.

It doesn’t matter what your chosen sport is hypnosis can be used to increase performance. Whether you use it to help focus the mind, block out distractions or outside pressure a good hypnotherapist can help you perform better. You never know, it could be the difference between watching the next Olympics and being there. If you think I can help you become better at your chosen sport call 07514672326 today.

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