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New blog commitment

So rather than have periods of blogging nearly every day and periods of nothing for a week I’ve decided that from now on I will I will commit to write every Monday, Thursday and maybe one more day depending on the subject matter and time. So expect two, maybe three blogs a week. Previously I have written about how hypnotherapy can be used to help with situations or how positive thinking, sometimes brought about using hypnotherapy, can have a positive impact or how negative thinking can have a negative impact. I have no plans to change the type of subject matter. As usual they will be posted on my website,, but to make them more accessible and easier to find individual blogs I’m also going to post them on Google.

So for anyone finding this on Google here is a little about me. My name is Michael Geerthsen and I am a hypnotherapist working in Wallingford South Oxfordshire England. I run my own practice called Hypnotic Resolutions LTD seeing clients for a variety of issues. I like to think I help ordinary people overcome ordinary problems. Also if you have just found this on Google you can read my previous ramblings by going to the website ( clicking on the blog button. On the right hand side of the page is a list of what look like random words, or tags. You can find blogs on individual subjects by clicking on the relevant tag. This is the 70th post on the website blog page so if you have just found it there’s plenty to catch up on if you’re interested in the ramblings of a hypnotherapist.

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