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Hypnotherapy, Simply Explained the eBook

If you’re a regular reader you will know that I haven’t blogged in the last couple of weeks. A lot has happened in that relatively short space of time that normally I would have written about and so I may revisit those topics in the coming days or weeks. The reason I haven’t been writing the blog is I was busy writing a short book. Now I’m not hoping to have a best seller but just thought a short informative book would be ideal for anyone thinking of using the services of a hypnotherapist but knows nothing about the subject. May be you have some reservations about hypnosis in general. All the books I’ve found in the past, and I’ve read quite a few, on this subject always seem to go far too in-depth. They seem to be aimed at those of us who are either in the hypnosis industry or already really interested in the subject. I felt what was really needed was a short publication of some sort that explains things quickly without trying to teach.

So I’ve put together a short eBook that I feel does just that. At only around 15000 words long it is too short for any publisher to be interested in publishing in hard copy. Because of this I have made the choice to make it available on Kindle. I could have “padded it out” to a length that publishers would want but nobody gets anything from reading waffle. I could have made it longer by going into more depth, but then it would just be like all the other books and not what I intended.

So if you go to Amazon and search for “Hypnotherapy, Simply Explained” you will find my short book. It may not answer all your questions but then there’s the FAQ page or my phone number to answer anything not covered. What it will do is give you an understanding of where hypnosis came from, what it is and how it is used to help with some of the more common issues people see hypnotherapists for.

What I hope it will do is dispel any myths you’ve heard, or put your mind at ease about any misgivings you may have. It even contains advice on finding the right hypnotherapist for you. I think with Hypnotherapy, Simply Explained I have achieved what I set out to do and have put together a short read that cuts through all the rubbish to inform. To be honest, if you’re thinking of using a hypnotherapist but don’t know anything about the subject do you really want to have to wade your way through a 500 page book to get the basics? I doubt it. Hypnotherapy, Simply Explained gives you that basic information quickly.

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