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That little niggling voice of self-doubt.

That little niggling voice of self-doubt you hear telling you that you can’t do it or it’s impossible. It may even tell you “people like us don’t do things like that”. This internal voice of self-doubt only serves to stop us from achieving our goals. So what’s its purpose? To understand that you have to know where it comes from. In all likelihood it comes not from within us but was implanted in our subconscious by others. Sometimes well meaning, the things people say to us may be negative but not meant to hurt or insult and yet our subconscious will take them on board in a negative way. It may be as innocent as a working class teenager saying they would like to study at Oxford University only to be told by a well-meaning, misinformed adult or friends “our kind can’t go there you have to be rich”. In reality you don’t have to be rich, Oxford University fees are no higher than any other university. It is difficult to get in but that’s because the academic standard required is higher than most universities, not social class. So work hard at school and anyone can go to a top university. But the statement implants limitations based on social standing into the subconscious, limitations that will restrict the teenager in for the rest of their life, and not just in education. Another example could be the teenager who is overweight and want to lose weight but comes from a family where everyone is overweight. They may be told “look at us we’re all built this way just be happy”. Being overweight often does run in families, or rather bad diets and not doing any exercise tends to be a family thing and so being fat is a family thing. It doesn't mean any one individual has to be fat. But this family attitude places self-doubt in the individual’s ability to slim down to a healthy size. Let us face it, there is no such thing as “big boned” the skeleton of a six foot fat male is the same dimensions as the skeleton of a six foot slim male. So to answer the original question the inner voice of self-doubt only serves to limit us and hold us back, to stop us achieving what others don’t believe in. So how can hypnotherapy help?

Many see our brains as organic computers and that analogy fits this scenario quite well. You see these voices of self-doubt are just like computer programmes running in the background. Using hypnosis I can change these ideas in your subconscious, finding what was said to implant your self-doubt and putting it into the correct. Thus stopping that self-doubt programme running and placing limits on you. If you believe your fat because you’re from a fat family then that’s what you will be but if you believe that healthy eating and exercise can reduce your weight to a healthy level then the choice is yours. No one else can make your decision on whether you should be overweight, smoke, apply to go to your chosen university or make any change you want.

Just as a foot note, when I was coming up to leaving school I wanted to be an aircraft electrician, why is not important what is important is that despite some teachers telling me I may be aiming to high. Well I did become an aircraft electrician. Then early in my aviation career I read a book about hypnosis and hypnotherapy and decided that would be my second career. Again the doubters. Friends, family and colleagues. Some ill-informed, told me I didn't have the skills to hypnotise people and it can’t be learnt. Some even laughed, some poked fun. Yet here I am an ex aircraft electrician now hypnotherapist with my own hypnotherapy practice, Hypnotic Resolutions LTD. Why? Because I don’t let others set my limits, I vanquish the voice of self-doubt and I aim high. You can too. Give me a call and we’ll work together to help you achieve the change in your life you want. It’s your life, set your own limits.

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