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If you click onto the Special Offers and Free Audio page you will see that I have put up two audio files for you to listen to. One of the ideas behind doing this is to give anyone who has never experienced being hypnotised a chance to experience it for free in the comfort of their own home. I recommend the relaxation recording for the first experience. I intend to add to these so if you have any ideas you would like me to cover just drop me an email and if it’s feasible I’ll record it and put it up. I actually want to provide these recording in a format you can download and take with you but without charging for them that seems to be harder than I anticipated. All the apps I’ve tried up to now haves to use a buy now button to download. I did try to use these putting in a purchase cost of £0.00 but that was not acceptable. You would have had to pay to download and could only listen to a short sample segment for free. The app I have eventually chosen did also provide a buy now button and has three price plans to use. I chose the free one but when installed the buy now button is not there. It may be to get the buy now button to enable downloads I will have to upgrade to a paid subscription and may find I still have to charge for a download.

As I want to provide these recordings for free I don’t want to pay money and not get what I want so unfortunately at this time you will have to keep coming to the website to listen. There is no need to worry about your internet connection dropping out while you are in hypnosis. If this does happen you will become fully aware and awake quite naturally after about 20 minutes, so you are perfectly safe. At this time there is only two recordings but I will be adding to them. Hopefully the third will be on today. If there is something you would like me to do a recording for then please just email me with your suggestion and I’ll consider it. The thing to remember when listening to, or suggesting subjects to be covered is that while there is no issue with the relaxation recording most others (such as “lost item”) will work better on a one to one environment where you can be guided. Added to that some issues such as phobias can’t be resolved in one short 10 to 15 minute session.

The next recording, which I hope to do today will be to help you think more positively. I hope you find these recording both enjoyable and useful.

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