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The power of words

Hypnotherapy; hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes. Of course hypnosis is nothing more than talking to someone. It is the words used and how they’re used that makes it hypnosis. So can words really have a profound affect in changing our lives? Of course they can, we all have at least once felt a little down or happier because of something we’ve been told but change our mood a little is hardly having a profound affect. I am not going to write much more today, instead I’m going to direct you to a video of a TEDx lecture given by Kristin Rivas. During this lecture she reveals that she is now a hypnotist; In the US nobody uses the term hypnotherapist for legal reasons, choosing to call themselves hypnotist instead.

The lecture is around 21 minutes long and explains how this young ladies life was turned upside down with one sentence and it only took one well-chosen sentence to start her recovery.

Please take the time to watch Kristin’s video here.

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