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In this post I’m explaining some changes I’ll be making to this website. I currently have eight pages and while I don’t want to just add pages for no reason I think one or two more can be justified. So I am going to create a page that explains the way I work with any client who desires to lose weight. I will explain where we start and why and then go through each phase and attempt to explain why we may feel about ourselves the way some of us do and our relationship with food. There will likely be a paragraph on why dieting doesn’t work although I have covered this before. Search the blogs by tags or go the articles page for more information. To search the blogs by tags you simply go to the blog page and scroll down. Over the right hand side you will find the search by tags area, just click on the keyword you’re looking for and it will find the relevant blog posts for you.

Anyway, the new page may take a bit of time to wright. I’m hoping to get it written and live on the website today but it depends on the time I have available. I did say at the beginning one or two new pages. So after the weight loss I am considering doing a similar page covering phobias or anxiety. While I have a fairly extensive FAQs page that in itself may look daunting when looking for a specific question. That’s why I don’t mind being contacted and asked a question that’s already answered on the FAQ page.

Hopefully this new page will be informative without being too long or boring but I think it may be a fair length. I am always looking for ways to improve the website and make it more user friendly so if you do have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to tell me via the comments below, email or phone.

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