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Nervous driver?

After my last two posts regarding the help hypnotherapy can give the candidate when sitting exams or driving tests I thought, what about the nervous qualified driver, do they realise hypnotherapy can help their driving. You may know someone who is scared of using the outside lane of a motorway or even going on a motorway at all. They may just feel nerves when overtaking or being overtaken by a lorry. It’s not just drivers, passengers can by nervous too. These things can impact our lives in several ways. What type of holiday to take, touring or not. Where to go and maybe restrict some of the things we do on holiday. Not to mention our working lives putting some jobs, maybe even our dream job out of reach. Now some would say just drive and get over it but as anyone who knows how anxieties and phobias build know, it’s not that easy. If you are nervous about something, every time you try to confront it the mere fact that it makes you nerves can make the experience worse. You start to feel nerves earlier and earlier each time you try to conquer that situation that causes your nerves. So that other alternative is the one that many nervous drivers will take. To avoid the situation all together. This is how it impacts your life as previously described above but, this behaviour also make the anxiety felt worse and you probably can’t avoid the motorway or lorries forever. Especially if you’re not the driver. Avoiding the motorways may also be costing you time and money, sticking to the slower “A” roads which tend to meander between towns will mean longer journeys in distance and time increasing fuel costs.

So what can you do? Live with it? If you want to yes but why should you when you can see a hypnotherapist and stop suffering from this limiting behaviour. Whether you’re a nervous driver or passenger hypnotherapy can help you resolve this issue and open up the countries full potential of our road network not to mention those the countries you visit on business or holiday.

In fact hypnotherapy can help you overcome anything or any behaviour that causes you to feel anxious or nervous, even if you feel it has already reached a point where you describe it as a phobia.

Working together we can find out what caused you to feel this way and help your subconscious see that situation differently so your fears about it will be gone. Is that a change you would like to make? If so give me a call. That phone call is the first step to find a solution to this issue and taking the brakes off your life.

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