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The rule of consistency

When I was a technical instructor in the RAF I worked alongside civilian instructors. Now while we service personnel where only in post for a between 3 to 5 years after which we moved on back to actually maintaining aircraft, these civilian instructors where permanent. All where ex-servicemen themselves but most had been civilian instructors for quite some time, many over ten years. As a result when something had to change either in the curriculum or physically such as classroom layouts or the section moving buildings the complaints would start. The civilians would never be happy with the change or the reason behind it. We servicemen would say “we don’t like change” in mocking voices to be told by our civilian colleagues “it’s all right for you lot, you move on, we've got to live with this”. This of course wasn't true, they didn't have to live with it. They could've resigned and moved on too. So why didn't they? Two reasons, the first is to move on is to bring about change and they were settled and happy in their current jobs. The second was pointed out in our mocking of them “we don’t like change”. If you had ever been able to sit in our crewroom and listen to the conversation which primarily consisted of banter and high jinks you would soon realise that these civilians where not the grumpy old men we often portrayed them to be, quite the contrary, they could give as good as they got, better in some cases. The reason we servicemen didn't complain was we were still servicemen. Unlike the civilians who were all members of a union. We knew there was no point in complaining but we generally felt the same way about changes. The point is in the words “we don’t like change”. This is true of us as a species. It’s part of our survival strategy. Psychologists call it the rule of consistency. Everything is good and works as it is so why change? We like to keep doing things that work. We are creatures of habit. As a survival strategy it is successful but sometimes we know we need to change and because of the rule of consistency we fail. This is due to resistance from within.

This is why sometimes we just can’t make those changes we want, but help is on hand. Hypnotherapy can help you bring about those changes you desire. By using your subconscious to work for you bad habits can be banished. It’s your subconscious that drives the rule of consistency and so you are fighting your subconscious. You will never beat your subconscious, its main job is to keep you alive. That’s why it enforces successful strategies’ such as the rule of consistency.

While it is a successful survival strategy, we don’t live in the pre-historic world and it’s not always the best strategy for modern times. Sometimes we should make changes. If there is a change you would like to make in your life whether it’s stopping smoking, losing weight, cutting your alcohol intake or getting over that phobia, hypnotherapy could help you with these and many more issues normal people just like you have. It doesn't matter how many times you've tried and failed, try hypnotherapy and succeed. You don’t have to be consistently unhappy. After all as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”.

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