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Diesel or petrol is a debate which has been going on for a long time now. In years gone by many normal family car drivers and “petrol heads” alike rejected diesel cars because of their lack of power. Even though traditionally a gallon of diesel was cheaper than a gallon of petrol and fuel consumption is generally better for diesel vehicles when compared to their petrol counterparts. But then car manufacturers improved their diesel car performance and they became more agreeable to the average car owner. Diesel cars then became popular and recognising this trait the fuel companies raised the price of diesel. Diesel is now more expensive than petrol. Successive governments also recognised the rise of the diesel car have encouraged us to buy more of them because the better fuel consumption obviously meant less pollution they thought. In the same way they outlawed leaded petrol because lead levels in some areas had gotten to high and breached safety levels. However now the government seems to be back peddling on diesel. Diesel pollution has increased and is blamed for an increase in illnesses and an increase in smog. Added to that, diesel particles are so small they are very difficult to filter out. For instance the face masks worn by some cyclists here and often seen worn by residents of Tokyo or Beijing allow diesel particles to pass straight through. So now the government would like to cut diesel pollution and their first steps are to discourage us from buying and running diesel cars. But it also tells us something about our leaders, they make decisions the same way we all do. That is to say given all the information we can make the right decision, but given only some of the relevant information we will make a bad decision. Now I don’t pretend to know what information the government had or didn’t have when the decision to promote diesel cars was made but there is also another scenario and its one we all fall fowl of. That is all the information is there for us to see but we only take notice of the information that supports the decision we would prefer to be the right one. Advertisers utilise this trait all the time; pay day loan companies will advertise the amounts you can lend and how quick they are at giving you the money. In the legally required information given in written form at the bottom of the TV screen is the horrendous interest rates and many of us don’t even register they’re there let alone what they are. If you did you would realise the best financial decision would be to go to a bank. It takes longer for approval but interest rates are a lot lower. Another example I can give has a direct effect on your weight. I’m not talking about what to eat but when. Sat in front of the TV bored we often reach for a snack. This will only relieve the boredom while we are eating and we really need to find something more interesting to do. In this situation like many others, hypnotherapy can help you discover what you really want or need. So next time you want a snack, need a drink or need a smoke ask yourself are you really making that decision without ignoring at least some information? I mean, need a cigarette? Really? When did you last hear of anyone dying because they didn’t get a cigarette? Never! Hypnotherapy can help you replace that I need feeling so you can make the correct choice for you by helping you realise what you are looking for or really need.

Oh and just as a foot note, when they outlawed lead in petrol, the lead was replaced with benzene, which is a carcinogen with no safe levels.

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