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Who said you can't?

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. So the old saying goes but is there more to this saying than just its use by parents to encourage their children to feel better about failure? Young children don’t need this encouragement, it’s only as we get older and have been told “you can’t do that” a few times that we place barriers and limits on our own potential. For example the seven year old says that she wants to be an astronaut would traditionally be told that “that’s a boys job, girls can’t do that”. If a working class boy says the same thing they may have been told “people like us don’t do things like that”. What both of these children should have been told is “work hard at school and you could be an astronaut”. Fortunately not only have men from all social backgrounds gone on to become astronauts but several women have also proved the older generation’s ideas of what you can achieve to be wrong. This thinking however leads us to put limits on ourselves, when we try something new and fail we will often try it a couple of more times then exclaim “I can’t do it” and reside ourselves to never achieving that goal. What we should do of course is to try to do it in a different way and persevere until we succeed. This is what we did as small children and babies before the doubters implanted their limiting attitudes in our subconscious. Just think, how many people would be able to walk if most of us gave up after two or three attempts. Not many, but children of that age haven’t heard the limiting phrases, they try, fall, watch the grown-ups walk and try again until, then BOOM they’re walking. At no point in this process does anybody tell the child to give up. This happens when the child gets a little older. As we grow we start to think that way ourselves and so when facing new challenges, often don’t have the determination to keep trying until we succeed. Of course we shouldn’t keep doing the same thing over and over. One of the best and a natural learning process is to try, fail, analyse the failure and learn what went wrong then formulate a new plan and try again. Repeating this process until success is achieved.

So what have you failed at? Or more accurately what have you given up on before finding the answer too? Fed up of yoyo dieting? Nicotine replacement products such as patches just not providing the answer? Tried hypnotherapy yet? Thought not. Hypnotherapy is the last resort for most people because it works. Why not give it a try after as Albert Einstein said “ Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

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