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I'm back

Regular readers will know I haven’t posted for roughly a week or so. My apologies for this but I haven’t been well and to be honest really didn’t feel like sitting down and writing. I’m over it now and back. So normal service is resumed and if you want to book an appointment please give me a call. Working on my own presents problems when I’m ill. Unlike when you’re employed and you just call in and tell the boss, maybe go the doctor and get a note for work, its more complicated for me. In some jobs the work you should be doing may build up and wait for your return, in others it’s picked up by colleagues. Unfortunately if you work on your own, such as myself, neither of those scenarios happen. I have to decide if I should go into work and see my clients. Once I make that decision not to go in I have to call every client who has an appointment with me for that day at least, longer if I know it’ll be more than one day. I have to explain why I’m cancelling that day and rearrange the appointment for another day. It is a fine balance between the client’s progress being slowed, lost revenue and not wanting to pass on any illness coupled with no client would be happy with me passing on an illness and of course not turning up and leaving you standing outside would not be acceptable. As you can probably imagine this wasn’t anything serious just a really heavy cold. Not something to slow me or anybody down and most people would work with it. I would have myself before I became a hypnotherapist. Unfortunately as a hypnotherapist the blocked nose and sore throat affect your speech and if you’re constantly blowing your nose it’s impossible to hypnotise someone as they will be constantly disturbed and have their concentration broken. Not only that but every session you book with me will be specific to you which requires me to have and refer to notes about you to personalise the experience, this make the hypnotherapy more affective and so anything which impairs my concentration will also have an adverse effect on your experience of hypnotherapy with myself.

So I’m back now and my voice is back to normal, my head is clear and I’m ready to help you overcome the issue and make that positive change to your life you’re looking for so why not give me a call today on 07514 672326 and take that first step to a better future.

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