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Can you be like Adele?

Last night it was the Brit Awards and Adele had a very successful night. Picking up four awards and ending the evening by closing the show. The event as usual was a mixture of presenting awards musical performances. Most of the female artists wore clothing that could easily be described as sexy or provocative, but why? Most people will answer that question by simply blaming the men in the industry for telling them that you have to dress that way to sell music. Some will argue that the music industry as a whole would argue it’s necessary to sell music because the public expect it, want it or just won’t accept none perfection. Not being in the music industry I can’t say if this is argued but I find all three of these points little confusing and insulting. I have never made the decision to buy or not to buy music based on the clothes worn by the artist. Little Mix performed last night wearing tight shorts, more like the bottom half of a leotard. I had to ask myself why and came up with the theory that may be they wanted too, or at least accept the sales argument, here’s why. The demographic that generally buys Little Mix’s music is teenage girls so sexing up the dance routines and costumes is unlikely to sell more music. Also, even if those costumes where handed to them and they were told to wear them, nobody can physically make them put them on. They could therefore say no. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself why should the public demand that stars look perfect? From the female point of view it puts pressure on women to achieve the unachievable. From a man’s point of view, very few of us are married to a woman with a perfect body. Even if she had one when you married, once she has given birth, unless the family finances stretch to a personal trainer and child care for the exercise time then her perfect body has likely gone. Do we divorce these ladies? No, we tend to love the personality of our chosen spouse which doesn’t change, so we husbands accept the changes in her body. But could Little Mix really refuse to wear this sort of outfit? Look at one of the most successful female music artists of the last 12 months. Adele as already said picked up four awards last night. Her last album like the previous two has sold around the world in huge numbers and yet she flies in the face of the perfect body stereotype and the notion the perfect body is required for success. Her music sells on its own merits not because of her looks. I am a big fan of the attitude she appears to have. That’s one of accept me or don’t accept me, I’ll still be here. She takes time and effort to record an album with a number of years between each one. I can only imagine that this is the time she feels she needs to write and perfect her music. May be this is why it sells. Unfortunately though, the problem with other stars trying to look sexy and perfect all the time can reach outside the music industry. Do the pressures of the music and fashion industries to look good affect you? Do you want to lose weight or are other people putting you under pressure to lose weight for reasons other than medical. Are you wearing clothes that you’d rather not wear due to pressure from others, may be you can’t say no due to a lack of confidence or self-esteem?

If you really want to lose weight or build self-confidence or self-esteem hypnotherapy can help. Adele is a highly successful singer song writer who flies in the face of the music industry stereotype because not only is she talented, but has high self-confidence and self-esteem, she is her own person, are you yours?

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