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Think positive

You’ve probably never heard of Steve Parkhill, he is an American hypnotherapist and author of one of my favourite books on the subject of hypnosis, Answer Cancer. In Answer Cancer he talks about his speciality which is using hypnosis to treat the chronically and sometimes terminally ill clients. Referred to him by their medical doctors as a last resort. Many of whom have been told their illness is beyond the help of modern medicine. I can’t explore the writings of the whole book in a small blog such as this but I do want to talk about one of the points he discusses, how we see the world. Think about this, have you ever seen or know a person who seems to have next to nothing and yet are really happy? Have you ever seen or know a person who seems to have everything and yet is miserable? It’s down to the way they look at the world around them. Try this exercise, look at the diagram below and count how many yellow items there are. Done that, if you did do you know how many green items are in that diagram? If you can’t it’s no surprise because you were looking for yellow things, not green things. We see what we look for, you looked for the yellow items and so didn’t register the green items. So how does that apply to us daily? If you look for the bad things in your life, you’ll generally be negative and feel unhappy with your life because you will only notice the bad things. If you look for the positive things in your life you’ll notice the positive things and generally have a happier life. Even the words we use, either in thought or speech have the same affect and generally negative thinkers use negative speech and visa versa.

So how can you use this information to improve how you feel? Well think about the words you use and the thoughts that you have and change them to be positive. When you catch yourself thinking something negative think about it until you can you find a positive. Example you crash your car and it looks expensive to repair. The negative thought would be “that looks expensive, what do I do to get around know” the positive would be “The insurance will sort out the car and at least I’m still alive”. If you look at your lawn and wish it was in better condition, remember at least you have a garden, some people don’t.

As you do this it will become automatic and it won’t be long before you don’t have to think about changing the thought for a positive one because you’ll start to think in the positive in the first instance. Think positive and be positive and increase your happiness.

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