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Natural trance state

If you were asked, when were you last in a hypnotic trance? Would your answer be accurate? If I’m honest with you it probably wouldn’t be. That’s because you don’t need to be following the guidance of a hypnotist or purposely doing self-hypnosis to go into a hypnotic trance. The reason for that is we can go into a trance state up to 20 time a day totally naturally and without prompt. This give our conscious minds a chance to relax. Our subconscious mind is there to look after us and ensure no harm befalls us, it keeps us safe and alive that’s its job. The conscious mind is the part of our mind with which we analyse situations and make decisions whereas the subconscious keeps bodily functions (breathing, heart etc) working and looks for danger. So when carrying out tasks that don’t require our full attention out conscious mind relaxes and lets the subconscious look out for us. That’s why you can drive for many miles on the motorway and suddenly realise you’ve reached the exit you need to take. At this point the subconscious has realised the conscious needed to make a decision and brought you back to full consciousness, as it would if the vehicle in front suddenly hit the brakes. You will notice this effect on days when you are too busy to enter these natural hypnotic trance states, you’ll be mentally exhausted by the end of the day. We can go into trance is when reading a really good book or watching a really good film or TV programme but I’ll write about that another day. What I want to point out today is the hypnotic trance state is perfectly natural and you have already experienced it, many times.

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