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World Hypnosis Day

Well the holiday is over and most of us will be returning to work tomorrow morning. It is not just the 4th January first day back but also World Hypnosis Day. Yes we have a World Hypnosis Day. So why not consider how hypnosis could help you. I’ve already written about improving your sporting performance and getting help with your New Year resolutions, but what else could you book hypnotherapy for? Think about for a while or even bring it up in conversation at work. I’m sure you and your colleagues will come up with the likes of long term, drug free pain management or curing phobias among many things. Now, if you think someone comes up with a crazy idea remember it may not actually be so crazy an idea. You are probably not aware that hypnotherapy can be used to help fertility or impotence; provided of course there is no physical medical reason. There are of course other things that most people don’t consider such as breast enlargement. Breast enlargement without surgery. Now if you or your colleagues don’t believe that possible, click here. Once you’ve read that article think is there anything I should use a Hypnotherapist for? Then give me a call and we’ll discuss how I can help you. If you only take two things from today’s blog I hope they are, if you want change you can change and you don’t have to wait until 31 Dec to start the process. It’s your life, take control.

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