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What's coming your way this year?

Now we are into January, the Christmas and New Year holidays are over. Have you given any thought to what you would like to achieve in 2016 or what challenges await. Maybe you have exams coming up in the summer or a wedding. The summer seems such a long way away now but it will soon be here and so your preparation will probably start soon. Whether it’s a wedding speech, practical exam (music, dance, driving test etc) or a written exam, confidence will be key to a good performance. So take the time you have now, and consider using a hypnotherapist to help build your confidence. If you choose to work with me I will help you build your confidence. One thing that does build confidence is experience. Now, you are no doubt thinking how do I get experience without doing it, am I right? The simple none hypnotherapist answer is you can’t but that’s not strictly true. Most people have heard of hypnotherapists using regression, not to past lives but to past events, this is called revivification. The opposite, of progressing into the future is also possible. The term “previvification” has been coined for this technique by eminent Californian hypnotherapist Calvin Banyan. As in revivification you re-live an event from your past with previvification you can live an upcoming event from the future as if you are there. While previvification can’t make these events or tests go well, you still have to have the required skills or knowledge it can build your confidence. It does this because our minds can’t tell the difference between memories of past events or imagined events. So, when the big day comes, how well you do will be down to your knowledge, skills and your new found confidence. So if you have an event coming in 2016 you think I can help you get through just give me a call.


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