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Can I take some of the burden off your doctor?

One of the today’s news stories was about the number of GP surgeries unable take on new patients due to the large number of patients per doctor and many GPs working fourteen hour days. Of course these doctors could lighten their work load by referring some of their patients to hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapy is not alternative to modern medicine but can complement modern medicine quite effectively. For instance, those patients requiring long term pain relief not only have the possibility of side effects from their pain killers but often require follow up appointments to review their prescriptions. Often as time goes on, the dosage may need upping to larger doses. Also, many prescription drugs can be addictive if taken long term. Pain relief through hypnotherapy has none of the side effects and would require less follow up appointments with the doctor if any. So why don’t doctors refer their patients to hypnotherapists you may ask. Many modern medical practitioners are unaware of what exactly a hypnotherapist can do or how affective hypnosis can be. We hypnotherapists can help with a myriad of things from anxiety to smoking cessation, long term pain relief to tinnitus even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to impotence and infertility can be helped with hypnotherapy. That of course is not an exhaustive list and for anything medical I would seek permission from your doctor before our sessions began, for some things I would feel it pertinent to merely inform your doctor just so he or she is aware. Some problems require no interaction between myself and your doctor, but where such interaction is required your permission would be sought first. Some things are certain. If more doctors referred more patients to hypnotherapists they would have more time for other patients. Added to that the cost of modern medication is usually far higher than prescription charges, so the financial costs to the NHS would also be reduced. So are you currently making repeat visits to your doctor for something I could help you with? If you think I may be able to help, why not give me a call to find out.


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