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Why I use a mobile

I’ve been asked recently why I don’t have a land line number on my web site. The simple answer is Hypnotic Resolutions LTD doesn’t have a land line but that doesn’t explain why. The reason there is no land line is like most hypnotherapy practices this is a one person practice and I am often out of the office, either marketing or visiting clients. So if you called a land line you may not get an answer so I use a mobile. This resolves the problem of having to have two numbers and the only time I won’t answer is when I’m actually in a session. In which case I’ll call you back at the first opportunity. Not only that but when in a session switching a mobile to silent is easier than a land line. Another difference is if I forget to take the mobile of silent it will vibrate in my pocket and I’ll feel it, this is not the case with a land line phone. If you forget to switch a land line phone ringer back on you have no idea if someone calls. So there you are, just a couple of reasons why I only have a mobile phone for work. So please don’t hesitate to call 07514672326 and talk directly to me.

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