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Do you really want to play this lottery?

What would you say if you had the chance to enter a free lottery? Not the normal type of lottery, this one’s different. You get to set fire to around £3000 of your own money. Not all at once, you can burn it over the course of twelve months and if you do you go into the lottery. With this lottery though you don’t win money. With this lottery one of your genes mutates every day, two every third day and if you win you don’t get cancer. You’d decline the offer right? Yet thousands of us take part in this lottery every day. I don’t want to mention individual brands but one of the major brands sell a pack of 20 cigarettes for £9.55 but have a cheaper label for only £6.14. These prices are for packs of 20 cigarettes. As most smokers tend to smoke about 20 cigarettes a day annual expenditure for these to labels of the same brand range from £2241.10 to £3485.75. That is money that is just burnt, admittedly it’s not strictly the money that’s burnt, it is converted through purchases into cigarettes first but then, it is burnt set on fire and burnt. Not only that but with approximately every 15 cigarettes smoked a gene will mutate, don’t believe me see here or just type “every 15 cigarettes” into a search engine to see the published evidence. With most smokers smoking 20 cigarettes in every 24 hours this means one gene will mutate every day for up to 3 days then, 2 genes will mutate in one day. This of course means they now have damaged DNA which could lead to cancer. The team which discovered this fact estimates that each smoker acquires one lung cancer mutation for every 15 cigarettes and a member of that team has described every pack of cigarettes as a game of Russian roulette. You may read his comments here. So what if you’re already in this expensive death winning lottery, I dare say you will be thinking of withdrawing from it as soon as you can now you know just how risky it is. If you are in it and want to stop give me a call it may be quicker than you think before you see or feel the health benefits. If you don’t ask yourself this; what’s the worst that can happen?


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