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How's the New Year's resolution going?

Now that we’re two thirds of the way through January many of us who decided to make a change with a New Year’s resolution will now be finding it hard to keep to that resolution. People all over the country are finding their subconscious is fighting back and winning. If only they’d sought the help of a hypnotherapist. Why? Because their subconscious is doing what it’s meant to do and keeping a behaviour going that it believes is good for them. Even if that behaviour is a destructive as smoking the subconscious will want to keep doing it in the belief it is actually good, which of course it’s not. The people having the best success will of course be those who used a hypnotherapist and had this belief in the subconscious changed. Then the subconscious would be working toward the change with the conscious and so the chance of success is greatly increased. Don’t worry though if you didn’t go to a hypnotherapist and are now struggling to achieve your goal, it’s not too late we hypnotherapists work all year round just like everyone else and can help you make the changes you want, any time of year. You don’t have to tell me it’s a New Year’s resolution, you only have to tell me what change you wish to make. So why not give me a call and achieve your goal?


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