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You are 28% less likely to stop smoking using E-cigarettes.

There is more than one way people try to stop smoking. While some succeed many fail. Will power is always difficult and is basically a fight between the conscious and the subconscious. The sub conscious being the strongest wins the majority of the time. Patches and Nicotine gum offer an alternative source of nicotine without the nasty carcinogenic chemicals. There are pit falls. One, your craving for nicotine is only reduced as the strength of the patches is reduced over time or you use the gum less and less. Two, because of this it is a time consuming process. Three, It does nothing for the habit aspect and some users have been found to smoke while wearing the patches or using gum, and so their desire for nicotine has increased. Three, the cost of the gum and patches is quite high and so this is an expensive method to give up. Now days of course there is a newer method the E-cigarette. These too have issues. Many are sold without the liquid used being tested and so what chemicals are in the smoke being inhaled isn’t known. Now these E-cigarettes use a small heater to vaporise flavoured liquid and may be more affective if the flavour was less pleasant. They also still give the user a nicotine “fix” and so the desire for nicotine will only be reduced if the user consciously reduces the use of the E-cigarette. They are however, generally accepted as not as bad for you as Tabaco and as such they are sold as a method of quitting. While they may be the latest quit smoking method out there they appear to be nowhere near as affective as the user would like them to be. A recently published study in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine shows E-cigarette users are 28% less likely to stop smoking than none users of E-cigarettes.

So it seems to be that the best way to stop smoking may still be hypnotherapy. It is quick, totally safe, and will only cost as much as most smokers who buy factory made cigarettes will spend on smoking in about three weeks. So why waste time and money trying other methods? If you want to stop smoking straight away hypnotherapy may well be the method for you. Why not give me a call and find out?


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