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Quality time with our family

This evening is going to be a good family evening for us. My son, who is at university is close enough to be able to visit from time to time during term time. He is making one of those visits tonight. So for our evening meal we will have our son who still lives with us, our son visiting from university and our daughter is coming over with our grandson. So my family will all be together this evening, something which doesn’t happen often enough. Even though I would like it to happen more often I still feel lucky to be close to my family and that me and my wife can still enjoy their company. It’s not just having friend and family that prevents loneliness but the spending of good quality time in human company. So many families eat their meals separately or in front of the TV, not talking or communicating with each other. After which they disappear to different rooms to pursue their own interests, gaming, computing etc. We humans are not solitary beings, we need company and so many families do not spend good quality time together. Many people while having human contact during the day will not have sufficient interaction with other people to full fill their psychological needs. In this situation we quite often don’t feel lonely but it can lead to issues that manifest themselves in other ways. It can be the reason people snack too much, drink too much, smoke too much or over indulge in some other behaviour. Of course these behaviours may have another cause and a good hypnotherapist will find it. But ask yourself this simple question, do you spend enough good quality time with friends and family to full fill your psychological needs?


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