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There is a disorder with which the sufferer pulls out their own hair. Both head hair and eyebrows. This initially will bring a feeling of relief. This however is quickly followed by a sense of guilt. This impulse-control disorder is called trichotillomania and according to the National Health Service (NHS) web site there is no known cause. There must of course be a cause, everything has a cause. The difficult thing with finding a cause for the likes of trichotillomania is the trigger that causes the issue will be different from person to person. The traditional treatment doctors prescribe is usually talk therapy or Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). I got the idea to write about trichotillomania after hearing a sufferer talk on the radio yesterday explain her trichotillomania had gotten so bad she has shaved her hair to avoid the embarrassment of people looking at the bald patches on her head. Disorders such as these can also be help with hypnotherapy. Usually quicker than traditional talk therapy or CBT, the hypnotherapist can quickly isolate the cause and help the sufferer to make the changes or accept something in the past and so remove the need for destructive behaviour. As hypnotherapy is not available on the NHS sufferers are forced to continue with the long drawn out solutions the NHS does offer or pay privately for a hypnotherapist. What do you think, do you think treatment for the likes of trichotillomania should be available on the NHS? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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