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New Year; New times

It’s New Year’s Eve and a time to look back on 2015 and forward to 2016. From a personal point of view 2015 has been a mixed bag. One of my sons has been in hospital with a brain infection but fortunately made a full recovery without any major side effects. Although it has changed him. He no longer enjoys his favourite soft drink as much as he once did but does now enjoy some foods he previously disliked. In November we had the upset of my father passing away which saw us all reflecting not just on how much he influenced our lives (mine in particular) and how much we will all miss him but also our own mortality and the importance of family. It hasn’t all been bad news this year though. I became a Grandfather for the first time (happily in time for my dad to see his new Great Grandson before he passed on). I look forward to watching my Grandson grow and learn. We have moved house and I have left the RAF and opened my hypnotherapy practice in Wallingford; but you know that, you’re on my web site. This is something I have aspired too and studied for, for quite some time. So what for the future? We, as a species do not like change but, as I’ve said before, the only thing that never changes is change is inevitable. So why not embrace the future. I hope to build Hypnotic Resolutions into a thriving practice. I look forward to seeing my Grandson reach and pass those little milestones that mark a baby’s progress such as learning to crawl. In short, I will continue to look back on some things with fondness and some things with sadness but, I also look forward with optimism and remembering that not everything is easy. Many things worth achieving take effort. The coming year like all years will have its challenges and I for one intend to face mine with a smile, determination and an unwillingness to be beaten.

I wish you all a good 2016 and hope you face the future with a positive attitude also. Remember to think positive, and you’ll be positive. Think negative and you’ll be negative. Let me know your plans for the coming year in the comments below and remember, I can help you make the positive changes you want to make.

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