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New Year resolution

Well Christmas day is done and gone for another year and our thoughts are now turning New Year. Many of us will have decided to make a change in some way such as stopping smoking or losing some weight. Using Hypnotherapy to help you make these changes will vastly increase your chances of success with whatever change you decide to make. A Hypnotherapist can not only help with your motivation but help break habits and reveal suitable behaviour alternatives to keep you from temptation. There are of course those people who say they want to make a change but won’t even bother to try. Why? Because they don’t actually believe they can achieve what they want. That attitude leads to failure before you begin even if they do try. Over the Christmas break I watched an old film called The Last Starfighter”. Those familiar with this film may remember the scene where the hero teenage Alex is returned to Earth by the alien Centauri after deciding not to take up the role of Starfighter. Centauri throws him a device and says “just tap it if you change your mind” Alex’s reply is “why? I’m just a kid from a trailer park” to which Centauri replies “If you think you’re just a kid from a trailer park, then that’s all you’ll ever be”. It may just be a few lines from an old sci-fi film but the message is a true one. We do become what we think we are. So want to make that change start thinking as if you already have made that change. For example if you want to give up smoking don’t think of or describe yourself as someone struggling to give up. Describe yourself as a non-smoker. If you have more than one change you’d like to make then just pick one, the one your most likely to succeed with and start with that. You don’t have to wait another twelve months to make a second or third change. So to sum up how to increase your chances of success; Think positive, prioritise which change first and get a good Hypnotherapist. Take these steps and this time next year you’ll be thinking how happy you are you made that change.

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