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Christmas stress, how do you cope?

Well, despite the unseasonably warm weather there is no denying Christmas is here. The last Saturday shopping day has gone and children and adults alike are getting excited. For some adults though it’s not that exciting. I am not talking about the lonely living on their own but, if you just started to think about them, good, think about what you can do to help them. No in this blog I’m talking about the house hold organiser. It can be either sex but generally it will be the lady of the house. About now thoughts turn towards the practical dilemmas of Christmas. Who’s coming for Christmas dinner? Have we got all the presents? Have we forgotten anyone? Did we send everyone a Christmas card? Have we got enough food and drink for the big day? Have we invited too many people for our dining table? These are just some of the things that cause Christmas stress and spoil this time of year for many adults. So what can you do? Well, if I told you stress symptoms was your subconscious way of telling you, you have taken on too much, you may realise what action you need to take. So here’s what to do. Stop, when your feeling stressed just stop and think, am I trying to do too much? If the answer is yes then drop something. If it really needs doing, delegate, partners and older children can help you allow them. If you’re now thinking they never have done in the past ask yourself this, have you ever asked then to in the past? Remember long term stress can ruin your health and short term, your Christmas. Remind them if everything is to go to plan these things need doing and you just haven’t got the time to do it. Children may feel a sense of pride in their part of the preparations and partners may appreciate all you have done in previous years. So in short, delegate responsibilities, prepare as a family and relax and enjoy Christmas

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