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Do you really need it?

This morning I had a minor disaster and compared to what’s going on in the world I mean very, very minor. In fact hardly a disaster at all. My mobile phone was knocked into a beaker of juice. I won’t say how but I don’t think it will work again as a result. I am still hoping as it is an old smart phone but think it’s the end for this phone. Now my normal reaction would be to shrug my shoulders and claim from my insurance, I mean there’s no point getting upset, it’s happened. Like I said I normally wouldn’t be too bothered as I think I can survive without a mobile phone but, this one was my work phone. It was the phone that rings when you call me for an appointment so I really couldn’t be without it for the length of time the insurance would take to replace it. I could have swapped the sim with my personal mobile but the two sim cards are different sizes so that wasn’t an option. So as soon as I was free, it was off down to the shop to buy a pay as you go replacement phone I could put my sim card in.

At the phone shop there was a varied choice but I’d made up my mind, cheap was all I need for this number and they old phone may be OK if dried out properly, maybe, if I’m lucky. Prices ranged from just under £200 down to the cheapest in stock for an amazing £6.99. Now, mobile phone wise you don’t get much for £6.99 and you have to pay £10 top up as well but that’s still really cheap. Talking to the salesman I noticed a smart phone for £59 and thought why not? Believe it or not I started selling it to myself. I actually heard myself say “but on that one I could get my emails” then it hit me. I was falling for our modern tendency to want more even if we don’t need it and/or already have it. I mean if you email me at Hypnotic Resolutions I will probably read it on my tablet or computer, possibly even my personal mobile phone. Do I really need another device I can read emails on? What was important was to get a phone I can answer your call on when you call Hypnotic Resolutions.

This got me wandering, how much money do we all waste (yes, me included) buying higher specification items than we need or will use? Think about it, can you think of anything that you’ve bought or payed extra for to get extra functions you don’t use? Did you pay for the expensive kettle you can switch on from your smart phone only not to use that function because you still have to go out to the kitchen to fill it up first? Or did you pay extra for cruise control on your car and never go on long motorway journeys and so don’t use it? Then ask yourself why? Was it really worth it or did it just put the price up?

Please feel free to let me know what you think. You can leave a comment or ask a question below.

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