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Alcohol, cigarettes and tea.

I’ve just read that Adele has lost weight by giving up alcohol, cigarettes and tea. Apparently she drank her tea with two sugars per cup and had ten cups a day so she certainly cut out a fair amount of sugar just by stopping the tea. The article didn’t say what help Adele had in giving up these pleasures but one thing is for certain, her subconscious wouldn’t have been happy about it. Giving up just one of these pleasures without help is difficult enough for most people to fail, but three! If Adele has made these changes without help or substitutes then I have to admire her determination and say this shows she has a strong character, stronger than most. You see if you’ve tried to give something up like this without help you probably failed because the subconscious is much, much stronger the conscious. This is where hypnosis comes in. A Hypnotherapist can change the perception of these things your subconscious has and so the desire to continue the unwanted behaviour can be changed to reflect the change you consciously want and you don’t have to fight your subconscious.

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