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So why blog? The idea occurred to me that writing a blog would help supplement the articles I write (see article page). The full versions of which are published on the Hypnotherapy Directory web site. I see, read or hear things most days and think hypnotherapy could help but an article a day may become a little too much. I may not blog every day and some will be longer than others but I hope you find them interesting and maybe a little thought provoking without being too controversial. An example of how the blog may supplement the articles would be earlier this evening when Robby Savage stated on BBC radio 5 that if Leicester City FC win tonight they could go on to finish the season in the top four in the Premier League. This of course would be considered over achieving for a club like Leicester City but, they have been playing well and have been getting some unexpected victories. Is there a self-fulfilling prophecy at work? Something a wrote about in my last article “Sport Performance” where I wrote about it working in the negative sense but of course it can also work in the positive.

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