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Can your doctor have an adult conversation?

Like most couples we don’t always agree as to what TV programmes are worth watching. In fact we agree quite rarely. One programme my wife does like is a fly on the wall documentary style programme based in a doctor’s surgery. A programme that shows actual patients during a consultation with their doctor. On the last episode we watched we saw a lady discussing the symptoms of the menopause with her female GP. Apart from the obvious symptoms that most people are aware of the doctor gave the added symptoms of feeling lethargic and aching and finished with the words “feeling dry and sore down below”. My son, who is in his mid-twenties and has been complaining of feeling lethargic and aching for a couple of weeks jokingly said “I wonder if that’s my problem, the male menopause”. Now being quite a literal person (not a bad thing for a hypnotherapist) I answered “are your feet sore and dry”? To which he replied “yes, I have cream for that” At this point my wife rolled her eyes, told us we knew what she meant and called us juvenile. We pointed out that anatomically, there is nothing down from or below the feet! The point that I want to make here is two adult women, one a medical doctor, using a euphemism instead of just saying the word vagina. It is something that has been done for generations. It is possible that we learn such behaviour because as children adults used euphemisms around. May be we just see it as polite now. But why use euphemisms in front of children anyway? Be honest if you’re a female mammal of any species you have a vagina, if you’re a male you have a penis. Not only that, but everybody knows which one you have. So why act and talk as if you’re unusual? Why give it a special name? I know it’s easier said than done but these words should not embarrass us. They are just words for body parts, one of which you have. Despite that even doctors are often embarrassed by these words. As a hypnotherapist though, I can’t afford to be. If a man comes to see me with penile erectile dysfunction I will use the word penis at some point during the hypnotherapy process. Likewise if a lady comes to see me because she can’t relax enough to have sex, because her vagina tightens so as penetration can’t be achieved, then I will use the word vagina. The subconscious does not do euphemisms so be prepared to use grown-up language. We are adults after all. So as an adult why not use adult these words when talking about these areas. Even if the other person is your doctor and they use a euphemism remind them what it is you’re talking about, tell them you mean my penis or vagina, whichever is applicable to you. They’ll probably feel more embarrassed at looking childish than the use of the word. Remember there’s is plenty of body parts down below your genitals but none down below your feet.

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